What We Offer

From concept development to masterful executions,
we offer a multitude of services for all your
below-the-line requirements and creative needs.

Event Management

We are in the business of masterful storytelling that captivates the audience and delivers results.  From creative concept planning to masterful execution, we provide a full-service event management experience that caters to all your creative and logistical needs.

Outdoor Services

With the potential risks and unpredictable nature of the outdoors, clients need a reliable partner who has the capability to execute with success and confidence.  With decades of experience and learnings, we are experts in conceptualizing, managing and executing outdoor events.

Music Festival

We love music and we love nothing more than executing campaigns that are music-driven.  With numerous successful music festivals tucked under our belt, we continue to innovate and explore ways to bring the festival experience to better heights.

Lifestyle Events and Product Launches

We are masters in the craft of launching and promoting products through events that matter, events that make a statement, and events that reach your target market.  We always aim to create the best kind of buzz for our clients through strategic collaborations with the trendiest lifestyle venues and influencers, and through continuously innovative creative treatments. 

Corporate Events and Conferences

We provide top professional and creative support for our partners’ corporate functions.  We are able to quickly scale our team for large scale projects such as business conferences, sales conventions, and expos/exhibitions.  Our team continues to maintain our clients’ trust and confidence in successfully executing their internal events, as we consistently align our concepts and treatment with our clients’ business goals


We create and execute strategic brand activations that effectively push engagement, creates relevant buzz and inspires consumers to ACT after experiencing your brand.   These are achieved by our years of experience in conceptualizing and executing experiential marketing, sampling campaigns and in-store brand activations & marketing efforts. 

Nationwide/Regional Sampling & Selling Campaigns

We successfully execute sampling and selling campaigns that aim to bring your products closer to your market, ensuring more engaging exposure that allow people to try your products.  This is paired with a strategic approach that ensures timely and impactful experiences for the success of every campaign.  Our hardworking activations teams in all the key cities in the country and our expansive manpower network are committed to both the business and brand goals of our clients.

Experiential Marketing – Disruption Campaigns, Merchandising Campaigns & Blitz Activations

We conceptualize and conduct effective experiential or disruptive campaigns for brands, pushing the boundaries of direct marketing and engagement.  This type of campaign is a powerful tool in creating awareness and recall for your brand, allowing them to experience the message firsthand. 

In-Store Brand Activations & Promotional Manpower

We provide in-store trade marketing requirements such as merchandise production, in-store fabrication, merchandising blitzes &  mystery shopper requirements.  We are also a provider of promotional manpower needs such as promodizers, promogirls, promoters, & merchandisers for your store/retail engagement. 

Promotional Requirement Support Services

We provide needed reinforcement services to ensure a successful brand activation, such as bundling, packaging, warehousing, inventory management & distribution for your promotional campaign. 


Our creatives team is at the heart of everything we do.  We conceptualize and develop ideas that strategically align with our clients’ business goals.  We push the limits of our execution teams by continuously challenging the industry norms and exploring new ways of doing things.  We are strategy-driven in all our creative output – in campaign creation, copywriting, art direction, and creative production. 

Multimedia Services

We deliver strategic creative multimedia content that is relevant, engaging and effective.  We are capable of providing all your multimedia requirements – interactive media, AVPs, TVCs, livestreaming packages, thematic visuals, live visuals, digital video content, presentations, creative shoots and post-production requirements such as animation, musical arrangement & scoring. 

Digital Marketing Support

We can provide comprehensive event promotional support through our digital marketing arm.  We always recommend that every public campaign we do must be complemented with aligned digital amplification to obtain the best results, and campaign/event promotion is what we do best.  We provide the following services that further broaden the reach of your campaigns:  website design & production, digital marketing with emphasis on social media marketing, digital content creation, app design and production.

Show Logistics and Fabrication

We pride ourselves in partnering only with the very best technical and staging talents in the industry.  We ensure that our creative concepts and designs are professionally executed by masters in their field.  We provide only the best show team, technical manpower, technical equipment and fabrication teams that allow us to tell our stories best. 

Talent Booking

With our expansive talent network, we are able to provide our Clients with an effective roster of artists and personalities that cater to their requirements and budgets.  We creatively weave the perfect combination of talents into our campaigns, events and activations to ensure relevance, talkability, engagement, and credibility.

Local & International Artists

Road Management / Hospitality Services

Influencer Booking & Management

Talent Casting (Models, Actors, Brand Ambassadors)

Other Services

Partnership & Synergy Marketing

At the heart of our company is our immense desire to bring people together and initiate collaborative partnerships that provide synergy and mutually beneficial opportunities for all our partners.  We bring our network of partners together as we aim for bigger goals.

Event Promotions

We creatively integrate all our services to create event promotional campaigns that create awareness and buzz for your events.  Our company is able to provide PR, digital & experiential activations that effectively reach your audience, providing you with a one-stop marketing arm for your campaigns. 

Market Research

Our team thrives on data and we heavily base our campaigns, strategies, and creative plans on research-backed data.