What We Offer

From concept development to actual events,
we can provide a multitude of services for all your
below-the-line requirements and creative needs.

Event Management

From concept planning to the overall logistics, we can provide full-service event management experience to all your needs.

Multimedia Services

We make sure every multimedia content is highly interactive and substantial. 

Outdoor Events

We create every outdoor event amusing, engaging and remarkable.

Music Festival

We throw mid to high-end music festivities in and out of the country.

Lifestyle Events and Launches

We promote brands, may it be a product or a service.

Corporate Events and Conferences

We provide professional communication for business meetings, gatherings, and even parties.

Nationwide Sampling

We move products nationwide for first-hand sampling and promotions.

Disruption, Merchandising Campaigns & Blitzes

We conduct low-cost yet effective guerilla campaign for brands.

Bundling, Repackaging & Promodizer Requirements

We build, produce and package your deliverable all in.


We think differently to provide better solutions to your existing marketing needs.


We push your brands to its highest limit from grassroots level to highbrow and pull them near to its targeted market.


Our creatives and productions pool conceptualize the freshest, shrewdest and the finest ideas. We give life to brands and make your brands come into life.

Creative and Strategic Campaigns

We turn ideas strategically into reality with our creative pool of individuals all the way from web, PR, advertising, direct marketing and sales promotions.


We convey messages by weaving words first before putting them into action to ensure that every word is seamless and on-strat to sell your brand.

Art Direction

Our masters of sole art supervision can solidify overall designs and artistic outputs.


The first step towards story and image creation is with us! We will be in-charge of the pre-visualization of your storyline to turn it into an interactive media sequence.


We focus on the aesthetic value of constant and quality outputs for the final stage of production.


This is not just an illusion! Our artists are guaranteed skilled in sequencing static images to generate life-like digital videos.

Musical arrangement/scoring

Harmony and composition re-conceptualization for background scoring, TV and commercial incidental sound are real music at its finest. Allow us to hit your music score.


Combining creative and imaginative ideas, we bring your projects to life with our multitude of multimedia services like video and animation, interactive multimedia applications, presentation graphics, and more.

Digital Marketing

We offer the umbrella for an array of marketing products and services that falls under the up-to-date technologies today.

Website Design, Production and Hosting

Fieldwork is in our blood and so are CSS, HTML and Java Script. Kind of hard to grasp the codes? Hire us for your ultimate digital experience!

Social Media Management

We manage all your social media platforms and SEO process to influence wider reach.

Digital Content Creation & Digital Marketing Plan

We generate quality information for end-users’ consumption.

Email Marketing

We enhance ties with valued clienteles faster via electronic messaging. In fact, we are just e-mail away.

App Design and Production

With the integration of mobile devices, we fill the need to innovate digital applications with high utility value.

Lights & Sound System

We set the right mood from basic to high quality stage and venue lighting with modern sound set-up.

Audio Visual Equipment

We supply and install the most reliable equipment for your show.

Production Design & Staging

We tell the story by ornamenting your stage, physically wise.


Deliverable? No pressure! We have mastered event machinery and services even for the most complex of all projects.

Logistic and Fabrication

Meeting not just your expectations but beyond your expectations. We supply and execute the perfect flow from the point of origin to the point of consumption.

Talent Booking

Where prominence meets professionalism, we note all your talent needs from entertainment to corporate.

Local & International Artists

In partnership with our global entertainment production World Wide Womb, we book all the hottest and the latest personalities in the music, arts and show business.

Road Management / Hospitality Services

For small, mid-sized and giant road tours, leave the travel and hospitality arrangements to us and sit like a boss. It’s our pleasure to assist you!

Casting (Models, Promo Girls, Actors)

We provide a casting call for talent auditions, go-see and pre-prod shoots.

Partnership & Synergy Marketing

Our immense marketing mix can help you deal with our wide coverage of business to business (B2B) groups and establish partnerships.

Event Promotions

We integrate event and marketing simulation through Echochannels, our PR and Digital Marketing subsidiary.

Marketing Consultancy

We render focus group discussions, market research and case studies to give you not just full service but boundless and open-ended results.

Other Services

On the other side, we don’t just stand on the conventional side, we have infinite connections to serve you better 360 degrees.